Kamis, 22 September 2011

Pilot iPad Rental Program For Apple Store Employees Started

CNET reported that Apple is planning to start a pilot program that would allow Apple retail store employees to “check out” iPads for up to a week.

The program would utilize a stockpile of loaner iPads from which employees could borrow devices and use them freely before returning the devices for others to rent out. None of these iPads will see the hands of customers as “new” devices.

As of now Apple’s flagship store in San Francisco is the only store planning to implement the pilot program. It remains unclear whether other Apple stores will expand the program to other stores across the country. If it does in fact become standard policy for Apple store, being an Apple retail employee just added a nice new perk.

CNET talked to an official Apple spokesman, but Apple declined to comment on or verify the existence of the program. However, the benefits of the pilot ipad rental program could make Apple’s retail establishments even more customer-friendly. Not every Apple employee owns an iPad, and allowing them to take one home for a week from time to time will only help sales people to get themselves familiar with the iPad and pass that experience on to the customers.

via @ModMyi